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Capcom unveils Mega Man 10 for Digital Download

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Shademonger said...
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Capcom announced today that they would be releasing Mega Man 10 for Digital Download in March of 010. Protoman will be playable from the beginning, and additional challenge modes and easy mode will be included to expand the experience for a larger audience.

Check out the article over at Geekspective.com http://tr.im/HV1i
Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9 (WII)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 22/SEP/08
Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 01/OCT/08
Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 25/SEP/08
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Was reading about this elsewhere. Looks like it _could_ have been promising... but I dunno... it eventually ended up looking like just another Megaman Clone.

It would be nice if Capcom would try to do something new each game.

I mean, new robot masters, and new difficulty really is nothing to really sneeze at. I mean, they could easily make a moddable Megaman game, and simply allow for updated downloadable content onto there.
Or at the very least, new moves. The original series are all pretty much the same thing with different enemies, except for a while they each added some new combat mechanic like the slide or the ability to charge up the buster. Additional or improved combat mechanics would be nice, and keep the reboot of the series fresh and interesting.
Well, yes--but I really cannot imagine CAPCOM doing anything apart from constantly releasing poorly balanced rehashes of their popular series.

I mean, that is all CAPCOM is good at, and all.
This is another new "NES-style" Megaman isn't it? I love the idea of new 2D Megaman games... but I was never a fan of the early games. I'd much prefer to see a new tite in the vein of Megaman 7, Megaman and Bass or Megaman X. The graphical enhancement and engine improvements wern't major but made it a lot more enjoyable to me.

Megaman 7 is my personal favourite.
I dunno--CAPCOM has since shown that they are more than capable of doing decent game art.

Why not apply this decent art ability to their earliest franchse.

Tust me, there is a lot more that can be done with the 6501x chipset the NES usess... that CAPCOM has not even touched yet.
Well thats my point really, not so much that they need to keep the old SNES graphics or anything - just that I don't see the need to purposely "downgrade" when there are already more up-to-date versions. I understand that Megaman 9 had a certain amount of "fan-service", but personally the really old Megaman art does nothing for me, so I'm disappointed theyre not doing something different with MM10.

Really I'd just like to see a brand new 2D Megaman with the latest artwork - I'd just rather it wasn't 3D like Megaman X7/X8, but anything at least as good as Megaman 7 onwards would make me very happy.
@LeonBelmontX well, that is part of what I am saying. A lot of what they are toting as necessary "downgrades" for the NES are large piles of gomer.

First off: try removing the overlay, and make the sprites a decent set of dimensions. going with 16x32 to about 16x40 size for sprites will allow for great artistic abilities to be used, and allow for a lot more sprites on the screen at once. Since sprites are only dimensions of 8x8 or 8x16 on the NES (with "larger" sprites merely grouping these together), the four colour per sprite, only really applies per and 8x8 square. The screen allows for 7 sprites per scan line, and either 63 or 127 sprites on the screen total. This can be worked with nicely.

Second off: more scripting options. Many people cite some rather retarded ideas as to the reasons that events cannot be scripted on the NES. They can--just as much as on the SNES. The 6501c(NES) chipset allows just as much programming abilities for in game scripting as the 65810(SNES) chipset. Most of the SNES' best optimisations come from running the SNES in 8bit mode (with about ~{5,6}MHz of SNES power being pulled in 8bit mode, reading instructions from the RAM, and with the Turbo switch flipped).

I mean, between these two items alone, a lot more can be done with NES Megaman type games, than what they are currently doing. I mean, while most of this would be hard in 68xx assembler, there have been many leaps and bounds with C compilers for this target between the GNU Cross Compiler project and Contiki OS.

So yes, I agree, that what they are currently doing is no good--but on different grounds for where they should go.
Either way - I just feel that the current route they are taking is simply laziness shrouded in a face of "fan-service". It's a shame, when I'd be happy to pay ten times the price for a full blown, brand new Megaman title.
(Actually its probably more like five times, I was thinking the game would be around £4 for some reason)
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